34 Library Stories You May Have Missed in April

April was chock-full of great library-related blog posts, articles, and presentations. Check out this list to get caught up on everything from evaluating the eBook reader market to the EPCOT Center Library! Here are 35 library-related stories you may have missed last month:

  1. 10 Awesome Presentations from Computers in Libraries 2014
  2. License to loan: Academic Library Directors Reject Licensing Agreements
  3. Managing a Library of Congress worth of data
  4. 10 Great Literary Mugs for Librarians
  5. Beginner's guide to the professional book review
  6. Becoming a solo librarian
  7. Keeping Up with MOOCs
  8. Why I don't buy print reference books
  9. Learning to Read: Navigating the ebook reader market
  10. 15 books about libraries and librarians
  11. Rethinking the model for library book groups
  12. Acquiring books and people
  13. Harvard book bound in sheepskin, not human flesh
  14. Libraries are dying? Think again
  15. Which metrics really matter?
  16. 11 stereotype-breaking literary librarians
  17. Things to do before you graduate from library school
  18. A little rant on Little Free Libraries
  19. What Will Become of the Library?
  20. Information literacy: A battle won and lost
  21. The messy world of discovery tools
  22. DPLA to add millions of records
  23. The library ebook situation is appalling
  24. RIP for OED as world's finest dictionary goes out of print
  25. Training the 21st-century library leader
  26. LIS journals: A scholarly communication analysis
  27. Editing Wikipedia in library school
  28. Patrons: Your partners in collection development
  29. Seven big myths about libraries
  30. What enhanced ebooks can do
  31. Marketing ebook collections
  32. The EPCOT Center Outreach Library
  33. 20 Libraries That Changed the World

Many of these articles and blog posts came from the amazing AL Direct electronic newsletter.