Accreditation can help ensure that your education comes from a high-quality institution, and that your degree will be accepted by other schools and employers. Learn more in our guide to online college accreditation.

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  • The Parent's Guide to Applications and Admissions

    Many noteworthy academic institutions provide online degree programs for prospective students to explore. The application process is just as rigorous at online colleges as it is at …

  • The Parent's Guide to the Online Education Decision

    The reputation of online colleges has vastly improved since the early years of expensive, fraudulent diploma mills. Today, accredited online institutions offer degree programs that …

  • FAQs for Parents & Guardians

    Can I transfer credits from an online program to a traditional degree program? With careful planning, students can transfer their online credits into a traditional degree program. …

  • The Parent's & Guardian's Guide to Financial Aid

    Despite what you hear about never-ending tuition hikes and mounting college debt, investing in a college degree is still a worthwhile investment. Over a lifetime, today's college graduates …

Paying for College

College costs can be daunting, but there are tricks to paying for college without going broke. Explore your options with financial aid, military benefits, and other money-saving techniques.

Should You Study Online?

The flexibility of online education appeals to many busy students. But before you enroll, determine whether or not your study preferences and habits lend themselves to an online learning environment.

Starting a Career

Find out what the next steps are after you've completed your education. Find out how to best craft your resume and cover letter, and how you can use your online education experience to your advantage in the job hunt.

  • Writing a Good Cover Letter

    A good cover letter speaks volumes about your interest, personality, and qualifications. How can you stand out from the crowd?

Tips for Online Students

Beyond just completing your work on time, there are good habits that every online student should refine. Follow these tips for online learning to get the most out of your educational experience.

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