Cosmetology scholarships help future hair stylists pay for college. Scholarships for students pursuing a cosmetology career are usually privately-funded, and often associated with professional organizations and businesses and corporations association with the beauty business, such as hair care product lines or other beauty brands. For students trying to make sense of the cost of cosmetology school, a scholarship can make a huge difference.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements for cosmetology scholarships are different than scholarships for academic programs. Many scholarship sources look for a demonstrated interest and passion for the cosmetology profession, as well as other qualifications, like age, financial need, and educational background. Some scholarships are available only in certain states or to students attending specific programs. Other requirements might include:

  • Pursuing an Cosmetology degree
  • Be 18 years of age
  • Be a legal U.S. resident
  • Have a high school diploma or GED, or in the process of completing them
  • Affiliated with a minority culture
  • Applying for financial aid

This list of eligibility requirements does not apply to all scholarships in this field. Scholarship committees establish their own requirements, so it's important to read the fine print before applying to any scholarship program. The section below lists just a few cosmetology scholarships to illustrate the types of financial aid available to aspiring cosmetology students:

Types of Cosmetology Scholarships

  • Smooth ‘N Shine Cosmetology Scholarships: Smooth ‘N Shine is offering scholarships ranging from $1000 to $25,000 to high school graduates attending or planning to attend programs that result in a cosmetology license.
  • PBA/Sally Beauty Scholarships: Sally Beauty Supply offers $1000 and $500 scholarships to high school seniors entering cosmetology school and professional cosmetologists entering continuing education programs.
  • PBA Minerva Beauty Scholarship: The Professional Beauty Association awards five $1000 scholarships to students currently enrolled in accredited cosmetology programs.
  • The Joe Francis Scholarship Foundation: The Joe Francis Scholarship Foundation awards $1000 scholarships to students who are enrolled or in the process of enrolling in cosmetology programs.
  • Sport Clips & American Crew ACE Scholarship Program: The ACE (Access to Cosmetology Education) Scholarship Program, offers up to 15 $1000 Cosmetology scholarships to students who are enrolled at an AACS member school.
  • OPI Scholarship: The Schaeffer Family Foundation selects one deserving Nail Technology/Manicuring program student monthly for a $500.00 scholarship at preferred OPI schools, and offers scholarships to Cosmetology students as well.