Teacher scholarships are geared to students at all levels pursuing a career in teaching and education. There are scholarships for almost every level and subject of study, from early childhood education to physics to education administration. Many teaching scholarships focus on specific subjects facing a high demand for teachers, while others focus on candidate backgrounds, academic records, and financial need. There are countless teaching scholarships out there that are both federally and privately funded.

Eligibility Requirements

While eligibility requirements for teaching scholarships can vary, the most common requirement is that the candidate be committed to earning teaching credentials. Many teaching scholarships are created with the goal of increasing the pool of qualified teachers either in weak schools or districts or in subjects where teachers are scarce. However, many teaching scholarships are available to help committed students pay for colleges. In any case, the eligibility requirements for a teaching scholarship will reflect the goal. Requirements might include:

  • Pursuing a Teaching or Education degree at the level relevant to the scholarship
  • Meet specific undergraduate GPA or other academic requirements
  • Are enrolled in an accredited program
  • Considering employment with the scholarship's provider
  • Studying a particular subject or field
  • Be a legal U.S. resident
  • Affiliated with a minority culture
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Planning to earn teaching credentials in their state

The above list of eligibility requirements lists possible eligibility criteria only and is not a comprehensive list. And, meeting the eligibility criteria for a scholarship does not guarantee your application, as many scholarships are competitive. Keep reading for a list of example scholarships for teachers:

Types of Teacher Scholarships