Graduate school grants do not have to be repaid and are usually awarded based on financial need. Many of these grants are state or federally funded, or they may be funded fully or in part by the university or educational institution you plan to attend. If the latter, the amount and number of grants awarded will depend on the available funding for the year. For example, this grant available from the University of California awards up to $12,000 per academic year and students must complete a FAFSA each year to considered for the grant.

While grants are typically awarded based on need, some grants are awarded to fund doctoral research into a particular topic. This type of grant is usually funded by government organizations or companies whose business will benefit from the research endeavor. These grants are often awarded based on the academic records and credentials of applicants. For example, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers a one-time grant of $15,000 to doctoral students researching housing and urban development issues.

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Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements for graduate school grants can vary considerably based on the type and source of the grant. They can also fluctuate based on the degree you seek and what you plan to study. Need based grants are awarded almost entirely on your income and amount of unmet financial need, which will need to be documented thoroughly when you apply. Research grants awarded at the doctoral level are based almost entirely on academic and professional qualifications. For example, the HUD Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant is available only to doctoral candidates pursuing policy-relevant research issues who are also receiving substantial support from their institution.

Types of Graduate School Grants