9 Interesting Ways to Use Instagram for Your Library

NOTE: Originally published in 2012
Instagram is a very popular mobile photo sharing app that's currently being used by over 80 million users. It was acquired by Facebook earlier this year, so it's something that's going to be around for quite some time. Instagram allows you to put all sorts of filters and effects on images and then share them with your network and the world. Here are ten ideas for ways you could use this immensely popular app for your library:

#1: Show Off Your Books!

What better way to use a photo sharing app than to take pics of your books! Tempt patrons by creating snazzy photos of your new release or most popular books walls.

#2: Show Off Your Events and Services

Whether it's an author talk, an ice cream social, or a book sale, photos of library events are much more engaging for patrons than a simple write-up. So why not have your attendees create Instagram photos at your next event?!



#3: Go Behind the Scenes

Have you started an improvement on your library? Why not show photos of your progress? This is a great way to get patrons involved and invested in your library…especially if your renovation or project has caused closings or limited hours.


#4: Give a Sneak Peek

Everyone loves a preview, or sneak peek into an upcoming event or launch. If you're working on something, show your patrons all the hard work you're doing to create an exhibit or event.




#5: Share Your Office (…or Show Your Librarians in Their Natural Habitat)

Showing photos of librarians in their workspace is a great way to make them seem more approachable to patrons. Why not share photos of you in your office?




#6: Take Your Patrons With You

If you're going to ALA Annual, Computers in Libraries, or some other professional event, why not also include those photos? Show your patrons that you are part of a larger world of professional librarians who strive to keep educated on new developments in the field so that you can offer them better services.

#7: Introduce Your Librarians

Sharing pics of library staff is a great way to make librarians seem friendly and ready to assist patrons with their research needs.





#8: Show Off Your Library Space

Do you have a great library space? Do you have areas dedicated to kids or teens? Why not show them off through social media like Instagram.




#9: Turn Print Marketing Materials into Digital Ones

Are you hosting an upcoming event in your library? Have you created great print flyers, ads, and other marketing materials? Turn those print flyers into digital ones by simply taking photos and posting them on Instagram!