10 Treehouse, Dollhouse, and other Truly Unique Libraries – Part I

I've been very interested in the use of library space lately as well as the design of libraries be they traditional, mobile, pop-up or other types and in my research I've come across some truly unique and interesting libraries. Here are five with five more coming up later this week.





1) Ecological Children's Activity and Education Center

The Soneva Kiri resort in Koh Kood, an island in the Gulf of Thailand, has built a Children Activity and Learning Centre with a library space. Shaped like a giant manta ray, this unique library structure is built into a rocky slope near the sea and provides an Auditorium/Cinema for films, lectures and plays, a library with books on permaculture and local traditions, an Art room, a Music room and Fashion room. More coverage here.



Fougasse story for Queen Mary's dolls' house

2) Queen Mary's Dollhouse Library

Queen Mary's Dollhouse is the largest and most famous dollhouse in the world. It has working elevators and toilets as well as a 171-volume library containing some short works which were authored specifically for the dollhouse. The miniature tomes have been bound in leather by the well-known bookbinders Sangorski & Sutcliffe. More coverage here and here.





3) Weapons of Mass Instruction Mobile Library

This mobile library shaped like a tank contains approximately 900 books and wanders the streets of Buenos Aires "attacking its people with knowledge". The brainchild of artist Raul Lemesoff, the vehicle is actually made out of a 1979 Ford Falcon which Lemesoff regularly restocks to provide people with free books. More coverage here.





4) |CON|Temporary Library Installation

In October of 2012, the Center for Contemporary Art located in an ancient abandoned Turkish Bath in Plovdiv, Bulgaria had a temporary library designed in the largest and main room. The library held books of contemporary art in and was shaped like a spiral ladder climbing toward the top of the dome because "Art and books is what raise us up spiritually". More coverage here.





5) The Tree House Gallery Library

This temporary library was set-up in London's Regent's Park as part of the Royal Parks summer events programme in 2012. The work was led by artists and designers Claudia Moseley and Steph Smith and based on the design of architects Henry Adams and Oliver Oglivie of OO Architects. More coverage here.