5 Awesome Librarian Business Cards

I've been using Moo cards for years because I love the slender, slick business cards that they provide from my photos but I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to display information on them as well as design inspiration. I was very pleased to come across these 6 superbly designed librarian business cards.


Superhero Librarian Business Cards



These snazzy cards started off as a student project led by Kristin Popham, a graphic designer who was attending the Rochester Institute of Technology. She and her classmates designed these exciting business cards for the college librarians as a way to show them how much their dedication was appreciated by students. More here: http://www.kristinpopham.com/superheroes.html



Librarian Heroes Business Cards


Kristin Partlo, Librarian at Carleton College, Gould Library has some pretty engaging business cards, and the rest of librarians do as well! check out their Trading Card Gallery. More here: http://apps.carleton.edu/campus/library/help/help/liaisons/cards/




Library Card Business Cards


I absolutely love these old-fashioned library card inspired business cards created by the Tower of Babel Graphic Design Studio. More here: http://www.babeldesign.com/#


Daring Librarian Business Cards


Gwyneth Jones, aka The Daring Librarian uses QR Codes on her business cards as well as comic style in order to really stand out. More here: http://www.thedaringlibrarian.com/2013/06/5-easy-tips-to-making-out-of-this-world.html

More Library Card Inspired Business Cards


card_catalog_biz_cardsAuthor Olivia Waite had these retro library card business cards designed by Boxcar Press. These are simple yet beautfully designed. More here: http://pinterest.com/pin/251286854179519046/