How to Create a Video Press Release for Your Library with Adobe Voice

This morning I created this video press release for my library with Adobe's new free app for the iPad called Adobe Voice. This easy-to-use app was just released last month and it allows you to create stories using a combination of still images, icons, voice narration, and background music. The end result is a cross between a video and a slideshow.


The app is very simple to get started with. First you choose the type of story you'd like to tell such as "Teach a Lesson" or "Give a Tour" and Voice will launch a template for you to fill in with your content.


By clicking into each slide you're given the opportunity to choose the layout, record narration by holding the record button (you can re-do your narration endless times which really makes this stress-free!), and then choosing what you want to go on the slide. You can choose from the millions of images that Voice provides for you to search or upload your own, or you can pick out one of the 25,000 icons the app offers.


When you're all done you can toggle through the many different themes to see which formatting you prefer for your story. And finally you can choose your soundtrack. You can watch a preview of your file before you upload your completed project which Adobe turns into your final video.

I can imagine a lot of library uses for these quick but stunning "explainer videos" such as instructional clips, website tours, book reviews, and many more.