7 Astonishing Objects Made with 3D Printers

3D printers are the latest devices sought after by libraries and patrons alike. They teach patrons valuable skills in math and engineering and transform the library into a partner in production of amazing 3D objects. Wondering what's possible with today's 3D printing machines? Here are 7 that will astound you.

1) An Amazing Light Sculpture Lamp

forms_in_nature2 forms_in_nature

The artists at Forms in Nature have created this amazing sculptured lamp via a 3D printer. "Forms in Nature is a artwork with a light source surrounded by a dense and unruly tree and root system created in miniature sculpture. The forest is mirrored around it's horizontal central axis and forms a circle 360 degrees around the light source and thereby leads one onto the notion of a real world versus an underworld."

2) Personalized Action Figures


Make an action figure of yourself! Make use of a 3D printing service such as 3DMe or Twinkind to create a tiny replica of yourself from your photographs or a 3D scan. You can also go the DIY route and build your own 3D scanner, here are the instructions.

3) Extra Body Parts


Scientists have figured out how to print out body parts such as ears, prosthetic limbs, kidneys, even blood vessels and more. These use special 3D printers called bioprinters that use a gel-like substance made from cells or ceramic powder instead of bones.

4) Food


Just like on Star Trek, you can now use a 3Dprinter like a food replicator to produce pizza, chocolates and other edibles. What could be better – dinner and snacks printed on demand and no one has to do the dishes!

5) Clothes



Make a major fashion statement in a 3D printed gown, and don't forget the high-heeled shoes to match! Today's 3D printers are capable of producing high quality garments and wearables such as jewelry and many forward-thinking designers have started to take note and are even making use of 3D printed fabrics to create entire runway collections!

6) Musical Instruments

guitar flute

Guitars, flutes, and other musical instruments may all be printed using today's 3D printers. If you play an instrument, odds are you'll be able to find patterns to print them using websites such as Thingiverse.

7) Sculptures from Children's Drawings


Bring your children's imaginations to life by having 3D sculptures created from their drawings! No more hand-traced turkeys this Thanksgiving, these Crayon Creatures are produced with photo-realistic color and are unique representations of your kid's drawings.

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And be sure to check out even more things being printed and get the patterns to do them yourself at Thingiverse!