5 Ways Libraries Can Use Vine for Marketing

Last summer I wrote about 15 Cool Ways Libraries Can Use Vine to Create Social Videos and suggested a variety of different uses for Vine videos for libraries. Since then, many companies have been making use of the 6-second video format offered by this Twitter-owned social media company and in some very creative ways. Here are five fantastic implementations of Vine videos for you to ponder how you could steal these ideas to market your own library !


1) ASOS Makes the Mundane Interesting

This UK retailer took an otherwise boring task – opening a box – and made it into an exciting video highlighting its products and capturing the interest of potential customers. The company also encourages its customers to create their own and attach a hashtag to their videos. What about libraries opening boxes of books or perhaps other everyday library occurrences such as book binding, spine labeling, stamping, etc.?

2) Samsung Uses Stop Motion Animation for Extra Points

The Vine app has inherent stop motion capabilities that you can employ by simply by tapping your phone's screen…here's how. Many companies have created stunning videos using this process such as these. I can think of a million ways that libraries can create stop motion videos such as lightning fast library tours, animations with books, videos similar to this one featuring the high-tech devices the library owns, etc.


3) AirBNB Combines Vines into a Short Film

The AirBNB travel company defied the 6-second time limit on Vine videos by stitching them together to create the first short film made entirely of Vines. The video is 4 minutes long and features the journey of a piece of paper around the world. It premiered at the Sundance Festival. Think of what libraries could do with this format!


4) Gogo Tempts Customers with Giveaway Prizes

This provider of in-air Internet service ran a giveaway but also created a Vine to promote it, offering customers a sneak peek at the prizes. This would be a great idea for libraries to create Vines promoting their own giveaways and also for events. I can imagine Vines showcasing upcoming storytime readings, ice cream socials (with footage from past events), author talks, etc.

5) Honda Offers Real-Time Responses

Last summer Honda created Vines with special messages to potential customers who tweeted why they wanted a new car. Libraries could do something similar with Vines to answer reference questions, technology questions, provide instructions, etc.