54 Library Stories You May Have Missed in May

The upcoming summer break did nothing to slow the activity of library writers last month and actually the number of articles, blog posts, and videos increased significantly over previous months! This past month's offerings include stories on Twitter applications, the Vatican library digital collection, eBooks, and more. Be sure to scan these 54 library stories to get caught up on your LIS reading!



  1. 8 Tips for Libraries to Incorporate Tech into their Summer Reading Programs
  2. Responding to the second wave of the Digital Divide
  3. Library social media resources
  4. 5 Ways Libraries Can Use Vine for Marketing
  5. NYPL abandons controversial renovation plan
  6. 34 Library Stories You May Have Missed in April
  7. 10 Finance Hacks for College Students
  8. Librarians reimagine book clubs with the Help of Technology
  9. 7 Astonishing Objects Made with 3D Printers
  10. 5 Great Sites for 30,000+ Free 3D Printing Models
  11. The practical librarian's guide to collection development
  12. What you need to know to take a librarian job abroad
  13. Vatican Library moves into the 21st century
  14. Surviving cataloging class
  15. How to create a gorgeous planter from an old hardcover book
  16. Secret libraries of New York City
  17. Ebooks and early reading skills
  18. How to identify Book Club editions
  19. Why reading aloud to students is valuable
  20. Metadata games
  21. Eight ways to jump into ebooks
  22. Why aren't teens reading like they used to?
  23. 10 best free historical newspaper sites
  24. Minecraft programming for tweens
  25. University of Michigan's napping stations
  26. Libraries find success in crowdfunding
  27. Farmington librarian rediscovers letters from students in 1967
  28. Brewster Kahle, the librarian of 404 billion websites
  29. How to cull your e-bookshelf
  30. Tales of a jailhouse librarian
  31. Best practices for adult financial literacy services
  32. LC plans improvements to Cataloger's Desktop
  33. Connecting Latinos with libraries
  34. The lost desert libraries of Chinguetti
  35. Hoopla digital and Boopsie in partnership
  36. Four ways to display and curate Twitter
  37. The first children's picture book
  38. Libraries Now: A Day in the Life (video)
  39. MOOCs: Pros and cons
  40. Future-proofing the research library
  41. Free tech learning resources
  42. Making books social
  43. You're a book nerd if . . .
  44. Evidence-based decision-making in academic libraries
  45. Five reasons we still need school libraries
  46. Duke's most popular digital item
  47. Can non-librarians easily acquire librarian expertise?
  48. Pinterest boards for academic libraries to follow
  49. Top Twitter hashtags for librarians
  50. How to run a gay-straight alliance in your library
  51. Library analyst helped to launch NASA

Many of these articles and blog posts came from the amazing AL Direct electronic newsletter.